Learning Session 14 – Create and Automate Your Sales Funnel

Learning Session 14 – Create and Automate Your Sales Funnel

In these two activation-focused sessions, you’ll create your sales funnel, including your lead magnets, trip-wires and core offers, as well as, autoresponders and SMS messages. You’ll also discover how to set-up your email campaigns/sequences, product splintering, upsells. You’ll also learn how to do product launches. These sessions include a review of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) so you’re sure to select the tool that works best for you and allow you to create strong customer engagement via autoresponders and SMS tools.

Master Coach(es):
● Dr. Draion Burch
● Chris Davis (LeadPages)
60 Minutes, including Q&A and 15 Minute Offer

● Lead magnets w/descriptions, sales pages and CRM set-up
● Autoresponders for lead magnets, trip-wires and core offers
● Sales funnels with trip wires, core offers, and descriptions
● Email campaign/sequence
● Detailed product launch

Recommended Tools:
● List of CRMs and SMS tools
● List of suggested offers and lead magnets
● Checklist for offers and lead magnets (What to include: value, etc.)
● Sample autoresponders
● List of resources for design and development of offers

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