How Physicians can Communicate Better on STAGE With Body Language Secrets

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. TODAY let’s discuss communicating on stage with body language. “I don’t let my mouth say nothin’ my head can’t stand.” Louis Armstrong Since the 1970s, learning how to communicate better has had a lot to do with understanding body language. Julius Fast wrote a book entitled, Body Language in […]

How Physicians can be a Medical Moguls Speaker Without Using PowerPoint

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. Today let’s discuss how to be a Medical Mogul Speaker without using PowerPoint. RESEARCH YOUR AUDIENCE It amazes me how some speakers will show up for a speaking engagement and really not know anything about the audience they are speaking to. Many speakers just get lazy and feel that […]

Advice On How Physicians can Deliver A Successful Public Speech

Good morning #MedicalMoguls. It’s Dr. Drai. Today let’s chat about delivering your signature speech. Public speaking is something most physicians try to avoid and even dread. At times in my life, I have found myself having to deliver a speech and therefore I needed to learn the best way of doing this. In this article, […]

9 Tips Physicians Must Use to Keep Their Audience’s Attention

Good morning #MedicalMoguls. It’s Dr. Drai. Today let’s chat about how to keep your audience’s attention when speaking. In almost all gatherings (conventions, alumni homecomings, commencement exercises, fundraising or awarding ceremonies), guest speakers are usually invited to highlight the occasion. To make the gathering memorable, guest speakers are selected for a certain reason, some according […]

9 Tips Physicians Must Use to Handle Public Speaking Questions

Good Morning #MedicalMoguls. It’s Dr. Drai. Today let’s chat about how to handle questions on the BIG stage. How you handle questions from an audience can often be the deciding factor as to how your presentation is received. If you’re pitching for business, then it’s absolutely vital to handle questions well. 1. Be prepared for […]

5 Tips Physicians Must DO To Be a Better Public Speaker

Good Morning #MedicalMoguls. It’s Dr. Drai. Today let’s chat about public speaking. If you search in Google for the term public speaking tips you get roughly 2.6 million responses. That seems like a lot, but when you have to be the one standing in front of the group there isn’t enough information in the world […]

5 Ways Physician Speakers CAN Liven Their Audience

Good Morning #MedicalMoguls. It’s Dr. Drai. Today let’s chat about making fun with your audience while on stage. Has a boring speaker ever put you to sleep? Your head begins to nod as you fight off the urge to slip mercifully into the Land of the Zs. Or has your mind ever wandered during someone’s […]

The Role of the Business Coach Like Dr. Drai Put into Play

It’s Dr. Drai. Today let’s chat about the role of business coaching put into play. #MedicalMoguls The concept of business coaching actually got its start on the sports field. In sports, top athletes have coaches to help improve their performance and enhance their abilities. That concept has been transposed to the players in the business […]

Why Brand DOCTORs?

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. TODAY let’s discuss WHY brand in the first place. Branding is a marketing technique that has the potential to elevate your business to the top. It involves helping your customers to form a recognizable association with you. Link your business with a design, logo, slogan, and/or color and observe […]

Personal Branding for Medical Mogul Success

Hello, #MedicalMoguls. It’s Dr. Drai. TODAY let’s chat about personal branding for SUCCESS. One important part of branding is the image you yourself portray. Developing a likable personal brand is essential for succeeding. If you want to rise to the top of your particular arena, you need to first be able to sell yourself to […]

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