Build Wealth with Positive Thinking

                                    To achieve any kind of great success, you must first believe that you’re capable of achieving that success. Great sports stars can suddenly begin having lousy performances if they suddenly feel they can’t perform well or live […]

New Year New You: Setting Pandemic-Proof Goals In 2021

                                    5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year (throws confetti)!! Bringing in this New Year may have looked very different from the past. Gone are the days of partying and hanging out and here, for a while, are […]

Determine Your Legacy and Live a Life That Fulfills You

                                    It’s true that most people live lives of quiet desperation. Most people are filled with regret at the end of their lives. Leaving too many things undone and failing to live enthusiastically and with purpose are common […]

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

                              Generally speaking, the people with whom you most want to network are usually the busiest, just like you. Trying to connect with these people can be challenging. However, providing value to people makes networking feel more organic and is likely […]

Virtual Speaking by Dr. Drai

                                    COVID has thrown a monkey wrench in many of our plans. From virtual weddings to virtual conferences, we have had to make adjustments never thought possible. But this pivot isn’t all bad. There are more opportunities now […]

Momentum and Motivation: 6 Strategies That Give You an Edge

The adage “slow and steady wins the race” is sometimes true. The tortoise in the story of the tortoise and the hare won the race not because he was the smartest, smallest, or even wittiest. Rather, he won the race due to his laser-focus on the end result: the goal line. If you struggle to […]

Getting Things Done Quickly and Efficiently

                                    Not only are you a doctor, you likely wear many more titles –parent, spouse, teacher, caregiver, etc… Given our never-ending things-to-do list, sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not get anything accomplished. But did you know […]

Why Losing Your Job Could be a Good Thing!

                                    COVID has certainly made the already unstable medical client more uncertain and many doctors have found themselves laid off, accepting less pay, or fired. Whether you’ve already lost your job through downsizing, redundancy, or any other reason, […]

Six Ways to Increase Your Clarity

                                      Having clarity is important to achieving goals and attaining any significant measure of success. With clear goals, you know what you want and how to go about getting there. But what if you’re not feeling much […]

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