The Role of the Business Coach Like Dr. Drai Put into Play

Good morning #MedicalMoguls. It’s Dr. Drai. Today let’s chat about the role of business coaching put into play. The concept of business coaching actually got its start on the sports field. In sports, top athletes have coaches to help improve their performance and enhance their abilities. That concept has been transposed to the players in […]

Why Brand DOCTORs?

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. TODAY let’s discuss WHY brand in the first place. Branding is a marketing technique that has the potential to elevate your business to the top. It involves helping your customers to form a recognizable association with you. Link your business with a design, logo, slogan, and/or color and observe […]

Personal Branding for Medical Mogul Success

Hello, #MedicalMoguls. It’s Dr. Drai. TODAY let’s chat about personal branding for SUCCESS. One important part of branding is the image you yourself portray. Developing a likable personal brand is essential for succeeding. If you want to rise to the top of your particular arena, you need to first be able to sell yourself to […]

Five Benefits of Personal Branding for Doctors

Hello, #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. Let’s chat about personal branding. Personal Branding is about honing your skills, narrowing your focus, and getting clear on what you’re passionate about. Branding is not just about you being better than your competition. It’s about getting your prospects to choose you as the ONLY solution to their problem. Here […]

Doctors, Be True to Yourself!

Good morning #MedicalMoguls. It’s Dr. Drai AND I have a message for you TODAY. Keep reading… If your online marketing material stimulates an image in your mind that is just not you, likely you’ve been trying to model your approach after someone else or you’ve been using work produced by someone else without giving them […]

Building Your Online Presence

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. Today let’s chat about building your online presence. Branding, as a whole, is essential for any serious business because a company’s brand is what distinguishes it from its competitors. In today’s computer age, it is necessary for most businesses to have an online presence to stay competitive. An effective […]

Will Your Business Benefit from a Business Coach

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. Let’s answer this one question today- will your business benefit from business coaching? Keep reading… The economy goes up and down. Right now, it’s not doing so well. In fact, most would say it has tanked. Managing your costs is important to your growth and survival, and when the […]

Why You Want to Hire the Services of a Business Coach

Hello, #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. Today let’s chat about why doctors need to hire a business coach. You are ready to take your business to the next level. Sure, it’s healthy, but you also realize that without growth that it will stagnate and could also become nonviable. Yet, so far you just can’t seem to […]

Why Using a Business Coach Can Get You the Results You Want

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. Let’s chat about getting results from business coaching. The modern-day business looks much different than it did a few decades ago and business coaching is a relatively new concept too. It’s been proven to be highly valuable and effective, which is why so many businesses today find business coaches […]

What is Business Coaching and What Can it Do for You?

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. Today let’s discuss other ways business coaching can help you. Coaching is a process that enables executives, managers, and staff to achieve their full potential. Coaching and mentoring are similar in nature. Let’s look at some of the things your business coach will do for you, your staff and […]

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