Learning Session 7 – Core Marketing Messaging

Learning Session 7 – Core Marketing Messaging

Now that you’ve completed your business set-up, you must prioritize and automate key business processes to save time and scale your business quickly. In these two powerful sessions, you’ll refine your customer avatar / ideal client profile so you can begin crafting your core message, value proposition and elevator pitch to speak to your ideal client, specifically. You’ll also begin to monetize your message via conversational copy on your website, in product descriptions, email marketing and more places to connect to the pain, pleasure, desires and wants of your ideal client. You’re creating the formula that will yield big profits in your business.

Master Coach(es):
● Dr. Draion Burch
● Lamar Tyler
60 Minutes, including Q&A and 15 Minute Offer

● Refined customer avatar; ideal client profile
● Draft of your core message
● Draft of your unique value proposition
● Draft of copywriting for landing page (free product)

Recommended Tools:
● Customer Avatar/Ideal Client Questionnaire
● Core Message Sample / Checklist
● Unique Value Proposition
● Elevator Pitch Sample
● Copywriting Key Elements (Checklist)

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