Medical Moguls House Calls

To become a successful doctorpreneur, you first need to identify your purpose and develop a mogul state of mind. And when you book one of the Medical Moguls House Calls below, I’ll get you on the path to doing exactly that.

Let’s ignite your purpose so you have the incredible life you’ve always dreamed of. The Doc is IN!

Accelerate Your Expertise Consultation

Remember how excited you were when you got accepted into medical school? And when you finished your residency? For many doctors, those experiences feel like distant memories as you now grapple with stacks of paperwork and long days that have you out of the house and back home when everyone is asleep.

Somehow you missed time with your family because you were too busy working, on call or staying late because the hospital really needed you … so much for the family’s needs.

This isn’t the life you thought you’d have when you cha-cha’d across the stage to claim your hard-earned medical degree.

So if the stethoscope seems to have the Kung Fu grip around your neck these days, the Accelerate Your Medical Expertise Consultation is perfect for you. It’s my fast-action consultation where I deliver guidance to get you in the mogul mindset so you can understand the true value of monetizing your medical expertise all while getting a sneak peek at how your life will change once you do it.

For 60 minutes, I’ll get all up in your business and pinpoint exactly how you can start making money outside of that hospital-labeled white coat you wear all day. After our virtual face-to-face consultation, you’ll walk away with a clear action plan on what to do, how to do it and the timeline in which you’ll need to bask in the glory of a brand new life.

Oh, and no need to set your pen on fire taking notes because you’ll get a recording of our call delivered straight to your inbox. So all you have to do is dial in, tell me your purpose and listen as I give you the inside scoop on turning your purpose into profits.

Ignite Your Purpose VIP Day

Within 6 incredible hours, we’ll cover crucial mindset shifts, purpose profitability assessments and action plans that would normally require months of private coaching. Trust me, you’ll feel accomplished with your brand new doctorpreneur plan in hand and you’ll be inspired to make your next power move, all supercharged in the new role you are about to take on And I’ll be right here cheering you on as you do all this!

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