Take Your Medical Mogul Career to the Next Level

It’s Time to Finish What You’ve Started – Scale Your Medical Mogul Business for Success


You’ve gone through the Medical Moguls Academy and you’ve gotten your business up and running. You’re living in your purpose and sharing your medical knowledge with the world in a way that benefits your audience, and you.

The only question left for you to answer is:

Are you ready to take your new life to the next level?

Because you’ve only started on this journey.

Yes, your business is running, and you’ve had some success… But you need to make sure that business is sustainable for a long time to come.

To make this change in your career permanent and sustainable, and to live the dream life you’ve always wanted, you need to master the advanced skills that will support you and your business, going forward.

You’ve got the basic building blocks of your business. You know a lot already. But, just like you need a thorough understanding of anatomy before you become a surgeon, you need to learn more to actualize your Medical Mogul career and make it self-sustaining.

But Wait, Didn’t I Learn Everything I Needed to Know in the Medical Moguls Academy?

Me and my #SuperFriends and #SuperDoctorFriends taught you a lot during the Academy. But that was the equivalent of medical school. You’ve got what you need to go out into the world and bring your special talents to those who need them.

But that doesn’t mean you know absolutely everything you need to grow and scale your business.

That doesn’t mean you’re living fully in your purpose and sharing your genius with everyone who is ready to receive it.

Now, it’s time for residency – to study your specialty. It’s time to get that extra knowledge that will make your medical degree worth even more than it was before.

It’s time to join me for…

The Medical Moguls Mastermind

You probably know what a Mastermind group is. It’s a group of skilled professionals, with varying levels of experience, who come together to collaborate on projects, evaluate and critique each other’s work, and continue to learn and improve their skills.

That’s just what you’ll get from the Medical Moguls Mastermind. You’ll work with me, my #SuperFriends and #SuperDoctorFriends, as well as each other, to grow scale and perfect your business.

You’ll get the advanced knowledge you weren’t ready to learn in the Academy, because you didn’t have the initial skills and knowledge you needed to act on this information.

And you’ll learn how to expand your Medical Mogul empire, so you can help more people, make more money and live the life of your dreams.

But You Have to Qualify to Join This Mastermind

I’m not letting just anyone into this group of highly motivated entrepreneurs. You’ll have to meet some very specific and rigid requirements to get to this next level of Medical Moguldom.

  • You must be a Medical Moguls Academy Graduate: That means all your coursework is complete, all your assignments are turned in, and you’ve attended the graduation ceremony.
  • You must have launched your 1st product: I want Medical Moguls who have already invested in their businesses and have put a viable, successful product out into the world.
  • You must have made a profit from monetizing your medical degree: The techniques and skills we’ll be talking about in the Medical Moguls Mastermind group will require you to have hands-on experience in the real business world. You’ll need to know what it’s like to see money coming in to your bank account, to make you want to increase that number even more.
  • You must have a solid branding and marketing plan: This is a practicum. You need to have everything in your branding and marketing in place, so you can see the positive effects each of these techniques brings to your business.
  • Your business must be up and running: Some people go through a course, then never put any of what they learned into practice. I want the dedicated entrepreneurs who are hungry for success and have already acted on everything they’ve learned.

Why am I making these requirements?

Because this is a Mastermind group. It’s more than just learning.

You need your business up and running because you’ll be putting what you learn into practice right away. This isn’t a culture in a petri dish. It’s a full-fledged study where you’re practicing in real-time and you’ll see real results. Except, in this case, the study is all about growing your business.

You need to be truly dedicated to realizing your life’s purpose. There is no point to you joining this Mastermind if you’re not ready to step into that new life. You need to put the energy and effort required to take your life and your business to the next level into this group, to get the most out of it.

Most importantly, you need to be prepared to teach what you know to your colleagues. A big part of any Mastermind is sharing your own genius.

I’ll be there, along with several guest instructors, to help you get everything you need out of this group. But you will be teaching, and learning from, your fellow group members throughout the 12 months. After all, the best way to understand something is to teach it.

If you’re not ready to do all of this, this Mastermind group is not for you.

Plus, I’m only accepting 10 Medical Mogul Mastermind members.

I want this to be a tight-knit group of dedicated entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their empires. I also want everyone to get the attention and help they need, so you walk away with the skills and knowledge to take your business to the next level, and beyond.

How the Medical Mogul Mastermind Works

This Mastermind lasts 12 months. We’ll meet once a week, and we’ll alternate between Masterclasses and Implementation sessions.

You’ll have a weekly task to complete, which will take you approximately an hour, to an hour and a half.

I want you to apply what you’re learning in real time, but I also understand that running your own business takes priority. I want you to get the most practical knowledge, as efficiently as possible, so you can fit it into your weekly schedule.

Each of the Implementation sessions will include Laser Coaching, so we can get straight to the heart of your situation and get you moving forward, fast.

Plus, you will teach your genius to your fellow Mastermind members.

This gets you three, very valuable insights:

  • You will have the experience of sharing your skill and genius with your peers. They’ll be similar to, or understand, your target audience. This will give you a good feel for how your information will be received and whether your messaging is effective.
  • You’ll get important feedback from your peers on what you’re teaching, how you’re teaching it and how you can improve your lessons and your product.
  • You’ll learn new subject matter from your peers, which you can apply to your own business.

All of this will make your programs, and your product more successful, and more effective for your customers.

What You’ll Learn

You already have a solid base for building your business. By now, you should be putting much, if not all, of that knowledge into practice.

The Medical Moguls Mastermind is designed to give you the next steps to scale your business. These will be will be hands-on, practical skills you can apply to your business while you’re learning them. I want you to actuate on what you learn, not just incorporate it into your plans for the future.

Each month, we’ll focus on the next step in your path to fully-invested, successful Medical Mogul.

We’ll start with:

I want to make sure your branding and your business are up to snuff and ready to handle the influx of knowledge and income you’re about to take on. I’ll help you do a thorough review of your business plan, your branding and your current funnel.

Your Brand and Business Audit

Advanced WordPress and Email Automation Training

Your website may be set up and running, but is it fully optimized? You may have your email follow-up sequence in place, but is it automated to the point that you’re able to segment out and follow up with the hot leads, versus the folks who are just browsing?

We’ll cover the advanced WordPress techniques you’ll need to optimize your website for conversion and success. Your website will be as user friendly and effective as it can be, once you’ve added these changes.

We’ll also make your email automation so evergreen and efficient, you’ll hardly need to touch it, except to respond to customer comments and requests. And we’ll set up your automation system so you can repeat this system quickly and easily with each new product and every fresh offer you create.

You’ll get in-depth instructions and advice on how to manage and engage with members in your private Facebook groups.

Find out how to foster cooperation and collaboration among your group members. Discover how to create a buzz before your next launch and make members so excited that they’re ready to sign up as soon as you post the link to your sales page.

Most importantly, learn how to foster a strong relationship with the people who support you and your business, and to support them in their lives as they move forward within your business eco-system.

Community Engagement

Videos for Your Website

We’ll look at the different types of videos you should have on your website, and how to create them from script to final production. You’ll learn how to create videos that convert, and how to put together the team that will build them for you.

You’ll get started on your “Shock and Awe” video, so you have the centerpiece of your video content, and you can build your video content plan out from there, to engage and thrill your audience.

You’ve successfully gotten your first product off the ground. Now, it’s time to add to your catalog. You will learn from your audience what they want, create the product of their dreams and launch it. This will give you a way to build a new audience and keep your current audience happy and engaged, while continuing to grow your bottom line.

Creation and Launch of Your Second Product

How to Get Your Physical Product in Stores

It’s not enough to have digital products these days, or to just sell products online. You want to get your product onto store shelves, whether it’s a book or a supplement. This gives you more exposure to a broader audience

We’ll cover all the steps, from initial contact with distributors to planning displays and announcing your product’s availability in stores to your audience. We’ll also discuss how to get your current audience to give you exposure to their friends, and other promotion methods, so your product flies off the shelves and your distributors order more.

Public speaking is a skill every Medical Mogul needs to master. You’ll get the opportunity to perform in front of an audience, and get valuable feedback on your speaking style, your material and your stage presence.

Speaking on Stage, in Front of an Audience

Live Video and Recorded Video Performance – Media (TV and Radio) Training

Speaking on camera or on the radio, and answering questions in front of an audience, are entirely different from public speaking.

We’ll do a separate session, devoted entirely to getting you comfortable with that big lens staring you in the face or having that huge condenser mic dangling in front of you. You’ll learn the proper techniques for appearing on the radio, on camera for a video shoot, and for a live recording.

Podcast audiences have been growing dramatically over the past 5 years. Most people who like them listen to as many as 5 podcasts a week. This is a great way to build your audience, whether you start your own podcast, or you want to be featured on podcasts that have a similar audience to yours.

I’ll give you the tools and tricks you’ll need to get your own podcast up and running. You’ll learn how to get yourself distributed, as well as how to get to the top of the rankings for your genre.

I’ll also show you how to get yourself booked on podcasts relating to your medical genius, and how to use those appearances to grow and engage new audiences.

How to Host Your Own Podcast, and Get Featured on Other Podcasts

How to Create and Host Successful Telesummits/Teleseminars

Telesummits and teleseminars are great ways to both educate your audience, and promote your products and events. They give you more opportunities to reach out to your engaged audience. Plus, you can make the recordings into a separate product, or use them as a bonus.

I’ll walk you through setting up your own telesummit or teleseminar, including how to select topics for each session, how to get guest speakers for your sessions and get them to help you promote your event. I’ll also give you everything you need to create your telesummit or teleseminar, including tools and promotional materials.

One of the best ways to engage your audience, teach them your genius, and promote your products, is to host a live event. The energy and excitement of a live event can do more for your conversion rate than a lot of other promotions.

I’ll take you through the exact process I used to create and host my live event, Momentum in Medicine. You’ll get the full checklist of everything you need to do before, during and after the event, to keep the excitement going and your audience engaged through to the next event.

You’ll learn how to find and book an event space, coordinate with nearby hotels, book guest speakers that will thrill your attendees, and get your AV and stage setup in place. You’ll also get my swipe files for promotions, plus the tools and contacts you’ll need to create and host a successful live event of your own.

How to Create and Host Fantastic Live Events

How to Get Sponsorships

Whether you’re looking for a company to engage you as a Brand Ambassador, or you’re looking for sponsors for your own events, I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to get the attention of the sponsors that will best match your brand, product and audience.

You’ll see the prospecting letters I use, as well as get scripts for negotiating with your prospective sponsors. You’ll learn how to set the best sponsorship levels for events, and how to position yourself to promote your sponsors as a Brand Ambassador.

One of the easiest ways to persuade doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to take your programs is to offer continuing medical education credits as part of the program. Not only will they get the knowledge you’re offering, it will fulfill part of their yearly requirements for their careers.

I’ll show you how to get your program qualified to offer CMEs, and how to promote this feature to your target audience.

How to Get CME Credits for Your Programs

How to License Your Programs

Licensure for your programs will get you more exposure, and make them more desirable to your prospective students. I’ll walk you through the process of making your programs “official” so your students can get licensed or receive certification from your program.

Whether you’re doing medical outreach, you want to support medical students and practicing doctors and nurses, or you want to start a charitable organization involving your medical practice, having a nonprofit can be crucial to your success.

I’ll help you set your company up to function properly so it can do the work you’re looking to accomplish. I’ll also help you create a proposal that will be accepted by the IRS for 501c3 status.

How to Form Your Nonprofit

How to Franchise Your Company

You can train others to spread your message, grow your company and increase your bottom line. Franchises give your most engaged audience members the chance to live their own true purpose, and you the opportunity to expand your reach.

I’ll work with you to set up a franchise agreement that will benefit you and your franchisees for a long time to come. We’ll work through the nuts and bolts of how to manage your franchises. You’ll be able to distribute the latest information, keep everyone on the right track and make your entire group very profitable.

You’re going to need help as your business expands rapidly. Building the perfect team and managing them for long-term growth takes knowledge and skill. I’ll give you the resources I use to build and manage my own team. I’ll also walk you through the legal side of managing and reporting for your own team.

Human Resources Training to Grow Your Team

Constructing Your Sales Teams

You are the face of your business. But you’ll need teams of crack salespeople to help you expand your Medical Mogul empire and get your products into the hands of those they will best serve.

We’ll talk about what to look for in a salesperson, how to hire your team, and how to train them to be the well-oiled machine you need to grow your business exponentially.

Someday, you’ll be ready to step away from everything you’ve created. Whether that happens because you want to build something new, or you want to retire, you need a legacy plan in place, so everything you’ve worked for endures after you’ve stepped down.

I’ll help you prepare for that time, so you get the most out of the hard work you’ve put into your business. And, so everything you created and everyone you’ve served will continue to benefit from your knowledge and expertise.

Selling Your Business


You’ve invested in your education with your medical degree. You’ve invested in your future by completing the Medical Moguls Academy, and you’re signing up for the Medical Moguls Mastermind. You should also invest in your future so you can enjoy everything you’re working for.

We’ll talk about the types of investments that will benefit you short-term and long-term as a business owner and a medical professional. I’ll help you structure an investment strategy that you and your financial adviser can build into a strong portfolio. That way, you can live the life you want now, and well into the future.

On top of all this, you’ll also get…

Live Training and Conferences

You’ll receive COMPLIMENTARY tickets to 1 conference, as part of your Medical Mastermind package:

Momentum In Medicine Conference 2022

As a Medical Mogul Mastermind member, your seat for MIMC 2022 is automatically reserved. You’ll spend 4 incredible days with me and 10+ speakers, learning more techniques and tricks to monetize your medical degree.

We’re already lining up next year’s speakers and the conference is shaping up to be even better than this year’s, which is already phenomenal.

Plus, as part of each of these events, you’ll get a full day of live training from me. We’ll work on face-to-face techniques during these live trainings. You’ll also get one-on-one coaching from me and I’ll offer hot seat sessions and Laser Coaching sessions during these live group events.

You’ll Also Get These Incredible Bonuses as Part of Your Mastermind Program…

Membership in the Medical Moguls Mastermind Private Community

You’ll have access to my members-only group, specifically for this Mastermind. You and your peers will be able to ask questions of me, and of each other.

You’ll get valuable, real-time feedback on your products, your weekly tasks and other business-related concerns. And you’ll have a strong support network whenever things get tough, to keep you powering through to your goals.

Get Insider Access to My Millionaire Super Friends

These experts will serve as your master coaches throughout the program. They’ll take you by the hand (virtually) and guide you in creating the business of your dreams.

The Medical Moguls Mastermind LIVE

I’ll host a live intensive workshop in a wonderful location (yet to be disclosed). We’ll spend that time working face-to-face, on you and your business. This intensive is designed to boost your progress so you’ve got all the tools you need for success as we enter the final stretch of our Mastermind program.

You’ll get to collaborate with your fellow Medical Mogul Mastermind members so each of you can develop your own businesses. You’ll make important connections to support each other and network for new business opportunities.

You’re Probably Wondering Why I’m Doing all of This for You

It’s because I know how valuable it has been for my business to have continuing support from mentors and Mastermind groups. I want you to have the same opportunities for your business.

I want to set up an incubator for you to give birth to new ideas and grow a strong business.

I want to see you succeed on the same level I have.

And thus, the Medical Mogul Mastermind group was born.

This is the perfect time to join. You’ve already got the momentum going in your own business, and it’s time to scale up.

But remember, I’m only accepting 10, dedicated members who are ready to reach their dreams and live in their purpose into this group.

And to join, you must:

  • Be a graduate of the Medical Moguls Academy.
  • Have monetized your medical degree.
  • Have launched your first product.
  • Have a solid brand and business plan in place.
  • Have your business up and running.
  • Be ready to grow and scale your business, NOW.

If this is you, grab your seat immediately. I’m expecting this program to fill up quickly. Once these 10 seats are filled, you’ll have to wait until next year.

I’d hate for you to lose the momentum you’ve already built, and lose the potential profits that await you, if you have to wait a whole year to gain these advanced skills.

I want to help you become as successful as I am. I want you to have the life you dreamed of when you started medical school, just like I do. And I want you to double, or even triple your investment in this program, and in yourself.

Remember, you’ll be gaining 40 hours of incredibly valuable skills to grow your business, from me, and other medical business professionals who are working in this industry. We know exactly where you are right now, and we’ll help you get to the next level by giving you:

  • The opportunity to teach your genius to your fellow Medical Mogul Mastermind members, to get valuable feedback and product development ideas.
  • A full brand and business audit to prepare your business for accelerated growth.
  • Advanced WordPress and email automation training to make your platform as user friendly and efficient as possible.
  • Community engagement training for your private Facebook groups so you can build a strong relationship with your audience.
  • How to create the right video strategy for your website to communicate the best information.
  • Creation and launch of your second product to engage and support your audience.
  • How to get your physical product in stores for better exposure.
  • Training and feedback for speaking on stage so you impress them every time.
  • Training and feedback for media performances, so you’re prepared to go on radio and TV shows.
  • How to host your own podcast, and get featured on other podcasts to grow your audience.
  • How to create and host successful telesummits and teleseminars.
  • How to create and host fantastic live events.
  • How to get sponsorships for yourself and your events.
  • How to get CME credits for your programs to give your students an extra reason to sign up.
  • How to license your programs so your students get licensure or certification.
  • How to franchise your program to support your most engaged audience members and grow your own bottom line.
  • How to form your nonprofit to support the work you’re doing.
  • Human resources training to grow your team for success.
  • How to construct a sales team that blows it out of the water every time.
  • How to sell your business, once you’re ready to move on or retire.
  • Setting up a solid investment strategy to support yourself now, and for the rest of your life.

Plus, you’ll get a ticket to attend 1 conference:

  • Momentum In Medicine Conference

And just before or after those each of these events, you’ll spend an entire day with me, doing face-to-face training, one-on-one coaching and networking with your peers.

Plus you’ll get these phenomenal bonuses:

  • Membership in the Medical Moguls Mastermind Private Facebook Group
  • Insider access to my Millionaire Super Friends
  • Attend the Medical Moguls Mastermind LIVE intensive in early 2022

This program is designed to fit in with your already busy schedule, and to have you apply what you’re learning to your business as you learn it. No waiting for the next step to be fully prepared. These are actionable lessons you can employ right away, and see results from, quickly.

When you consider the skills and knowledge you’ll gain in this Mastermind group, you can’t pass up this opportunity.

By the time you finish this program, you will be light years ahead of where you are now. Your business will be poised to grow exponentially, if not already growing. And you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to keep expanding for years to come.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to what a few thrilled clients have to say about how I helped them launch their Medical Mogul Careers:

Learning how to tell my story in public was key to my profitability. I discovered that you have to be vulnerable NOT perfect.
Because of Dr. Drai’s coaching, today people ask and pay me to speak, be vulnerable and share my story with the world.”

– Dr. Jamie Hardy, The Lifestyle Pharmacist

“Asking people to work with me from the stage was scary because I just didn’t know how to do it.

Working with Dr. Drai, I learned more about how to make the offer and close the sale then I learned from my MBA program.”

– Dr. Mia Cowan, The B3 Specialist (Beauty, Balance, and Belief)

“Dr. Drai has been a lifesaver with preparing me for television, radio, print, and online media opportunities.

His feedback is priceless and it’s provided me exactly what I needed to step up my game and shine on camera. Now I get paid to be in the big lights.”

– Nurse Alice, America’s Favorite Nurse

It’s Time for the Next Big Step in Your Medical Mogul Career

If your business is up and running, and you’re ready to take it to the next level

If you’re ready to shine in front of the bright lights…

If you’re ready to share your genius with those who truly need you and what you have to offer

If you’re ready to live the life of your dreams…

If you’re ready to become the Medical Mogul you know you can be

You must reserve your seat for the Medical Mogul Mastermind NOW.

As soon as this program starts, you’ll be able to apply what you’re learning to your business, to increase your income and grow your audience.

By the end of this 12-month program, you’ll be ready to launch, or have already launched your second product, to serve and engage your audience.

And, you’ll have everything in place, or in development, to grow and scale your business for years to come.

Do not miss this opportunity.

Do not say “no” to yourself and your business.

Grab your seat on this fast-moving train to success and get ready for the ride of your life! You’ll be taken to new heights of success and finally live the life you were promised when you first dreamed of being a medical professional.

Reserve your seat now, and get ready to scale your business to match your dreams.

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