3 Strategies To Keep Monthly Expenses In Check

Hello, #DOCTORpreneurs. The household debt recorded in the US for just the first quarter of 2021 was $14 trillion. One look at that amount, and anyone can tell it’s a lot of money. Given all of the expenses, rising costs, and decreasing paychecks, how can you cut costs and pay off debt when you can […]

7 Tips to Maximize Your Money and Prepare for Retirement

Hello, #DOCTORpreneurs. When it comes to retirement, the earlier you plan and save, the better. Because of compound interest and tax deferrals, you can benefit more the earlier you start saving for retirement. Do you know how much you need to save for retirement? How can you maximize your savings? These strategies will help: 1. […]

How to Find the Perfect Bank for Your Small Business

                                    It can be challenging and frustrating to find the perfect bank and suitable account for your small business. It’s an important decision that requires time and attention. You certainly want to avoid a bank that charges you […]

Keeping Better Financial Records in 2022

                                    The owners of failed businesses often have something in common. Their mutual struggle lies in the fact that they aren’t sure how to handle the bookkeeping aspect of owning a business. It’s not the most enjoyable part […]

Want to be Wealthy? Stop Swapping Your Time for Money

                                    Many of us were taught to do well in school, get a great job, work hard, and you’ll eventually make a lot of money. This may be true, but there is a great limitation to working for […]

How to Structure Your Business for Maximum Sales Value at Retirement by Medical Moguls

                                    Many entrepreneurs have amazing and highly profitable businesses. However, that doesn’t necessarily translate into a business that can be sold to someone else. For example, a consultant that works alone has nothing to sell. In this case, […]

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

                              Generally speaking, the people with whom you most want to network are usually the busiest, just like you. Trying to connect with these people can be challenging. However, providing value to people makes networking feel more organic and is likely […]

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