8 Tax-Saving Tips for Small Businesses

                              Personal taxes can be complicated. Business taxes can be even more difficult. If you own a small business, tax time can be challenging. The livelihood of any company is at least partially dependent on its ability to minimize its tax […]

Virtual Speaking by Dr. Drai

                                    COVID has thrown a monkey wrench in many of our plans. From virtual weddings to virtual conferences, we have had to make adjustments never thought possible. But this pivot isn’t all bad. There are more opportunities now […]

Using Props in Your Professional Speaking Presentation

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. TODAY let’s discuss how to use Props in Your Professional Speaking Presentation People learn and retain information in different ways. As a professional speaker, you must also learn to incorporate as many different ways of engaging your audience in order to reach as many people as possible. In fact, […]

Professional Physician Speakers Polish their Message

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. TODAY let’s discuss how to Polish their Message. One key to delivering a successful message is polishing the message you already have. You will find that your audience can better understand what you have to say when your message targets specific key points rather than vague generalities. Since your […]

A Professional Speaker Sets the Tone for the Message

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. TODAY let’s discuss tips on setting the tone from the stage. As a professional speaker, everything you do the minute you walk into the room sets the tone for your message. Without even speaking one word, you can determine just how many people you will reach because their engagement […]

10 Tips for Physicians who are Professional Speakers

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. TODAY let’s discuss tips as a professional speaker. Put your best foot forward every time! One of the reasons that many people fear taking the podium is because they are afraid of being the focal point of everyone’s attention and they don’t want to make a fool of themselves. […]

6 Questions that Physician Speakers Must Answer Before Hitting The Stage

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. TODAY let’s discuss speaker must-haves before you hit the stage. In any presentation, there are basic pieces of information that an audience should receive from their presenter. You are the problem solver presenting a solution that will benefit your audience. Even if you are just blessing the newlyweds at […]

Top 5 Strategies to Effective Public Speaking as a Physician

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. TODAY let’s discuss strategies to be an effective public speaker. I was never a huge fan of public speaking. I was always very nervous and had this overwhelming feeling the audience was judging my every word. I now know how to overcome my fears and deliver a memorable presentation. […]

Speech Topics Physicians Use To Capture The Full Attention!

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. TODAY let’s discuss speaker topics. First, if you are looking for a persuasive speech topic, you must know that the more controversial the speech topics, are the more response you will get from your audiences. The topic sentence has to be a short, declarative sentence that states the central […]

6 Steps To Becoming A Powerful Physician Public Speaker

Good morning #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai. TODAY let’s discuss becoming a powerful public speaker. Public speaking ranks right up there in terms of the things we are afraid to do. Whether it’s the fear of being watched closely by others, or the insecurity and self-conscious feeling of slipping up during the presentation, these 6 tips […]

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