Learning Session 5 – CEO Mastery: Building a Scalable Organization

Learning Session 5 – CEO Mastery: Building a Scalable Organization

Session Progress:

As a doctor, it’s easy to think you know all there is to know about launching a new business. That’s far from reality. You must study your purpose and get the experience as a Medical Mogul just as you did when you were in medical school and residency. The goal of your new business venture is to help you create a lifestyle of freedom. That means, you must start with the right structure to scale your business for long-term growth and expansion. In these two sessions, you’ll determine the appropriate legal structure for your business; set-up business Employer Identification Number (EIN), bank accounts and licenses; draft your start-up budget, identify funding sources and create your organization chart based on the four (4) pillars of business; identify/develop your standard operations process (SOP) manual; assemble your advisory board; identify potential strategic partners and prioritize operational staff you’ll hire to support your expanding enterprise.

Master Coach(es):
● Dr. Draion Burch
● Special Guest: Bernadette J. Harris (678) 608-2775 (WendyY Referral)

● Confirmation of business set-up
● Advisory board plan
● Potential staff to be hired
● Draft of your start-up budget
● Funding sources of choice

Recommended Tools:
● Start-up Checklist
● Start-up Contact List (Agency names, numbers and websites)
● Blank organization chart
● List of positions for advisory board
● Who to Hire First
● Sample start-up budget w/funding sources (business credit, investors)

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