Learning Session 22 – Leverage Events to Make Money

Learning Session 22 – Leverage Events to Make Money

Your participation as an expert at events showcases your expertise to more potential customers. In these two sessions, you’ll discover strategies for becoming a known and paid as an expert. You’ll learn how to deliver webinars and masterclasses; create a corporate sponsored tour and telesummit or other online event. You’ll also discover how to get invited to participate in online events like telesummits, webinars and masterclasses, or live conferences as a keynote speaker or breakout workshop presenter.

Master Coach(es):
● Dr. Draion Burch
● Stacey Ferguson
60 Minutes, including Q&A and 15 Minute Offer

● Draft calendar of events (webinars, masterclasses, tour)
● List of targets for conference, telesummits, strategic partnerships
● List of potential sponsors

Recommended Tools:
● Outline of a successful webinar
● Checklist for a live conference
● Event sponsor checklist

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