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Doctorpreneurs if the stethoscope seems to have the Kung Fu grip around your neck these days, the Accelerate Your Medical Expertise Consultation is perfect for you. It’s my fast-action consultation where I deliver guidance to get you in the mogul mindset so you can understand the true value of monetizing your medical expertise all while getting a sneak peek at how your life will change once you do it. You will get:

60 minutes with Dr. Drai via Videoconferencing
A Prescription for Medical Mogul Success
A Recording of the Session

Momentum 7-Day Mini-Course


I know who you are. I see you. I used to be YOU. You are a smart, cool, innovative and brilliant — doctorpreneur who always seems to have it all together, life is great, patients are happy, BUT…there is something missing. You’ve been sitting patiently for years — thinking, pondering, strategizing — and you just want to do more, serve more, and be more BUT…you aren’t quite sure how to do that outside your hospital or practice walls. This 7-day mini course is for you.

MOMENTUM is a FREE fast-paced, heart-pounding 7-day mini course for doctors who desire to transform their medical expertise (think: lucrative speaking engagements, best-selling books and guest spots on top radio and TV shows, etc.) and wants to build a totally addictive “doctorpreneur” brand. Sign up for the world-premiere of this online class just for doctors … and practice signing your autograph, because you’re about to gain massive momentum as a Medical Mogul.

From Medicine to Mogul, 7 Steps to 7 Figures PDF Book + LIVE Book Launch


Doctors, if this is your time to dominate the marketplace, to have the courage to be a legend and to create an authentic lifestyle for yourself, this book is for you. If this is your year to lose the limits and to become a more productive YOU AND achieve everything you want in life, this book is for you. If you’re ready to break habits of self-sabotage and amplify your own personal power, this book is for you. If this is your season to master your significance and step into your greatness, this book is for you.

I’m OVER thrilled you are raising your hands and saying YES. I’m ready for you #MedicalMogul to go beyond average, beyond the clinic, beyond the hospital to create a profitable business based off of YOU- your purpose. Are you ready for me to take you on my journey “From Medicine to Mogul: 7 steps to 7 figures”?

After reading this book, you will:

Learn how to identify the right customers
Identify the #1 person you need to invest in
Discover how to form a team for success
Master developing products & services for your brand
How to make profits

Momentum in Medicine 5-day TeleSummit


Kickstart Your Transformation to being a Medical Mogul! Get Ready-to-Implement Strategies and Ideas from 13 Thought Leaders Who Want to Help You Achieve Your Dream of Becoming a Medical Mogul. You’ll discover insider secrets and uncover the special formula you need to make your Medical Mogul career take off. All of these master coaches will give you the tools and techniques you need to create your own Medical Mogul career. By the end of the last session, you’ll know the exact steps you need to take to move forward with your dream of living your purpose. We’ll guide you along the path from practicing standard medicine to living a life of freedom, profit and purpose as a Medical Mogul. I’m positive you’ll walk away with a clear plan to make your dreams come true.

After listening to this telesummit, you will:

Master the mogul mindset
Learn how to market like a mogul
Understand how to leverage the media
Realize what it takes build a 7-Figure brand
Discover how to publish your Genius

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