7 Things Doctor Coaching Clients Fail To Do

Hello, #MedicalMoguls! It’s Dr. Drai, Dean of Medical Moguls Academy. I help doctors build profitable businesses based off of their purpose so they can maximize their revenue in half the time. Doctors, it’s time for you to live in your purpose, create more profit, and have the time freedom that you deserve.

Let me say this AGAIN…If you really want life-changing results from your coaching experience, realize up front that it is a team effort. You are not being “taught” by the expert: The two of you are going to be working together to create a paradigm shift in your life that is utterly transformative—for the better.

These additional 7 things will help you do what ninety-plus percent of all other coaching clients fail to do: Make the absolute most of the dollars you are paying, your time and the time of the expert you’ve hired—before the two of you have even sat down for session number one.

  1. Think Big!

You’re about to invest a significant chunk of your profits into your coaching adventure. Don’t think in terms of “tweaking” or “fine-tuning”: Think in terms of making significant life changes.

And don’t worry: Your coach will help you approach this in a systematic, realistic way, so every step feels manageable.

  1. Create a Vision Board

I know, I know, everybody does this. But don’t use your vision board as a pie-in-the-sky tribute to some Hollywood fantasy: Use it as a tool and instant reminder of what your coaching experience can actually help you achieve.

Make sure it contains:

  • A Timeline
  • Achievements
  • A reward for each achievement
  • Affirmations

Use photographs of real objects, scenes or situations so your brain can perceive instant reality, rather than just words.

Choose affirmations that:

  • Inspire you
  • Encourage you
  • Feel “real” on a gut level

When you are finished your coaching journey, your vision board should be a sparkling record of achievement—a reminder that you can do what you set out to do—any time.

  1. Prepare Beforehand

Don’t be scrambling till the last minute before each coaching session. At least a day in advance, set aside time to think about topics you would like to revisit or cover.

Tap into your feelings about the last session. Were you elated? Frustrated? Dismayed? Determined?

And how do you feel now? Did you accomplish your goals from the last session? If not, what got in the way?

Create an agenda of items you would like to discuss. Highlight your absolute priorities and make sure the rest can be tabled to another session if you run out of time.

Stop working early before your session—at least twenty minutes before it begins. Get yourself a drink, make yourself comfortable. If you’re using physical aids like notepads and pencils, make sure your pencil is sharp or that your pen is working.

Go over your agenda. Visualize a positive outcome.

And be ready to make the most of your session!

  1. Use a Checklist

If your coach doesn’t provide a checklist template, be proactive and make one yourself! Print it out as part of your pre-session preparation ritual

On it you can record some of the questions we suggested in point # eighteen. For example:

  • How did I feel after last week’s session?
  • How do I feel now?
  • Did I accomplish my goals from the last session?
  • If not, what got in the way?

The more prepared (and less stressed and scrambled) you are, the more you will get out of your coaching session.

  1. Align Your Body and Mind With Your Intentions.

It’s not enough to turn up for your sessions (even if you’re there early, pencil in hand). You want to make sure your body and mind are at maximum sharpness, alert, refreshed and well-rested.

Exercise daily (even if it’s just a brisk, twenty-minute walk). Make a serious effort to get at least eight hours sleep a night. Start drinking green smoothies in the morning instead of reaching for the coffee pot.

Even if the type of coaching you are investing in has nothing to do with lifestyle or health, be proactive and take your health into your own hands, so that you have a body and brain that will support the new, dynamic you.

  1. Record Your Sessions

If your coach doesn’t suggest this, be proactive. Ask up front, right in your initial consultation if you can record each session either through web technology like Pamela for Skype.

(You can also use a basic tape recorder or a mobile recording app.)

Stress that you wish to record the sessions only for your own use. Play them back when you are doing your post-session analysis, or you are confused about a topic.

  1. DOCTORS Do The Work!

You can analyze and strategize till the cows come home: If you don’t take action on your coach’s suggestions, you are throwing your money away. Remember, coaches, don’t do the work for you. That’s your job.

If you find it difficult to get started, discuss this with your coach right away. Figure out if there is something he or she can help you with: For example, perhaps something is not clear to you, or your old feelings of paralysis are kicking into play. These will have to be dealt with—but in the end, it doesn’t matter what’s causing what: If you commit one hundred percent to take action and you knuckle down and do the work, you will reap the reward.

Put yourself first. Take charge of your life—and that includes taking charge of your own coaching. Be prepared to fire your coach if he or she is not working for you.


  • A coach that makes you feel too comfortable is a buddy, not a coach.
  • A coach who is controlling or makes you feel bad about yourself is abusive.

The reason you hired a coach in the first place is so that you can venture out of your comfort zone monitored by someone who has walked in your shoes and knows what you need to do.

Only outside those safe little borders do we encounter—and defeat—dragons, rescue princes, achieve the impossible and see fantastic, new, eye-opening sights.

Coaching can help you become who you were meant to be, so make the most of every opportunity to gather every gem from every session.

 THANK YOU for reading this blog post #MedicalMoguls. If you want to talk to me 1-on-1, schedule a FREE appointment here Until next time… It’s Dr. Drai. #PurposeProfitFreedom



As one of the nation’s most acclaimed OB/GYN physicians and surgeons, Board-certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr. Drai is also a nationally recognized best-selling author, speaker, medical business consultant and media personality. Dr. Drai is also Founder and Chief Medical Advisor of and shares his medical knowledge via YouTube channel “Medical T.” With his credentials, acclaimed larger-than-life “bedside manner,” it’s no wonder that the doctor is renowned as “America's OBGYN.” Known for his big personality and business acumen, Dr. Drai has turned his wisdom into an online training program such as “Medical Moguls Academy” where he coaches doctors how to monetize their medical expertise and turn their purpose into profit. Transitioning from academic medicine to boutique medicine, Dr. Drai is the owner of Amare Concierge, the new standard of healthcare for women.

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